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We are committed to making parents' lives easier by reducing the time it takes to prepare meals with our Cozidoo cordless range. This solution allows parents to enjoy precious moments with their babies, while eliminating the hassle that arises when the baby cries during outings or outdoors.


Behind this innovative idea are parents who faced challenges when it came to feeding their children on the go. Looking for a solution, they quickly found that existing bottle warmers weren't truly portable, as they required an electrical connection to operate. This is how the concept of the Cozidoo bottle warmer was designed : it can be recharged via a mains socket, a cigarette lighter socket or even a computer, offering up to seven hours of autonomy to fully reassure parents . Simply pour the liquid into the device, choose the desired temperature, and in just 5 minutes, a 180 ml bottle is heated to the ideal temperature of 37°C.
Following the discovery of a supplier specializing in certified baby products, the first model saw the light of day in 2020  and brought great satisfaction to many happy parents!



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